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Easy Image Borders with Smart Filters

In today's tutorial on TipSquirrel, I show a way to create reusable, customizable image borders using the tools found within Photoshop – Plug-ins are not required! Embedded Link Easy Image Borders with Photoshop Smart Filters […]

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An Adobe Lightroom catalog is like a real library’s card catalog

Understanding Lightroom's treatment of photos is always a challenge for people new to the program. The concept that a photo is "IN" Lightroom, or needs to be gotten "OUT" of Lightroom, is quite common. And […]

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Christmas Cookies with Photoshop 3D

In today's tutorial on the Photoshop Tips site of +Greyson TipSquirrel , I create a tasty plate of Christmas cookies using the 3D capabilities of Photoshop CS5 Extended. CS5 makes it easy to create very […]

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Taking your HDR Work Beyond the Ordinary

In a series of posts originally published on TipSquirrel, I presented the following series of videos covering a comprehensive approach to HDR processing. I’ve tried to steer away from HDR as an end in itself; […]

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Working with Smart Objects in Photoshop: a tutorial compilation

For more than a year, I’ve been contributing Photoshop and Lightroom tutorials to the excellent site Many of the tutorials I’ve created are in the form of a series, with progressively deeper topics exploring […]

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I see lines in my pictures!

Today’s post is all about lines. Straight lines, curved lines, jagged lines, criss-crossed lines, you name it. This morning I saw a ladder, and it got me to thinking about lines, and after that everywhere […]

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Photoshop Blend Modes Compilation

I’ve recently completed a series of tutorials on Photoshop’s "Blend Modes," which are interesting and creative ways of mixing layers together according to color and brightness of the layer contents. If you haven’t explored this […]

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Bird portrait retouching – from good to great

We see loads of tutorials online teaching aspiring photographers how to retouch portraits of people, but it’s not very common to see one that deals with our avian friends. Nevertheless, retouching in bird photography is […]

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Painting a Christmas Tree in Photoshop

Over in the NAPP forums, last Christmas a user asked about creating textures of pine needles or straw to be able to draw a Christmas Tree. I offered a simple solution using the brush engine, […]

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Creating complex selections from paths in Photoshop CS4

One thing I really love about Photoshop is that it offers many different ways to solve a problem. There is generally no right or wrong way, just another way! And in coming up to speed […]

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