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Adobe Acrobat Actions – Create Custom Helpers

Did you know that Acrobat XI has an Action Wizard? That’s right, if you look under the Tools Panel on the right, it has its own section. Here you’ll find several pre-made actions for automating […]

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Creating and Editing Links in Acrobat XI

Acrobat XI is chock full of ways to enhance our PDFs to enrich the user experience for people who read our documents. One of the was we can create more engaging PDF documents is through […]

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Acrobat XI – Editing Text in PDFs

Occasionally, when you’re editing your PDFs, you’re going to run across a situation where you’ve made a lot of changes and enhancements and, when you’re nearing the final phase and you’re ready to send your […]

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Acrobat XI – Customize Toolbars and Task Panes

  Acrobat XI is a great addition to Adobe’s Creative Cloud product suite. The program is very powerful and versatile, but can be difficult to learn to use effectively and productively. However, the interface, in […]

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Acrobat XI –The User Interface

If you’re a subscriber to the Adobe Creative Cloud, one of the programs available to you as part of your subscription is Acrobat XI. Most people think of Acrobat as “that program that makes PDFs,” […]

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What is Adobe Acrobat?

Adobe Acrobat is a lot more than just creating and viewing PDF files. Acrobat has been the standard for portable document exchange for years, and it is used extensively in business, in government and in […]

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