Photoshop 3D Basics – A Short Course

Photoshop 3D

Over the past few months, I’ve put together some introductory lessons on using 3D in Photoshop. The tutorials start with Photoshop CS6, and I’m using Photoshop CC in later videos, but the same techniques apply to both versions – so if you’re still using Photoshop CS6, nearly everything remains the same for you.

I’ve created a playlist on YouTube where you can watch these videos, or you can pick from any of the lessons individually as I’ve embedded them here. There are 8 videos so far, nearly 90 minutes of instruction, and I plan to keep adding to this playlist, so check back often. If you like these videos, I’d encourage you to subscribe to my YouTube channel to get access to not only Photoshop 3D, but a variety of Photoshop and Lightroom tips, tricks and tutorials.

Here is my course on Photoshop 3D. Comments or suggestions? I’d love to hear them!

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  1. Hi, Mike – I am only one video into your 3D series but I’ve already learned more than I did from the umpteen other 3D tutorials I’ve watched. Your approach is clear and concise, your presentation is appropriately paced (I hate it when the presenter goes so fast I can’t keep up without pausing every 5 seconds!) and you do a good job taking on the perspective of the viewer. I will be passing along your videos to my fellow

    1. Lynn, thanks for your kind comments! I appreciate that very much!

  2. I can only echo Lynn’s comments above from April 8, 2014. Almost all the videos on 3D suffer from exactly the problems she mentions. Your video is the first (and I’ve tried a number) where I got enthused, turned on and decided to continue with 3D. I am looking forward to going through all of them (now going on 3) and also looking forward to other tutorials you have made. Many thanks!

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