Adobe Releases Lightroom 3 Public Beta

Adobe announced yesterday the release of the public beta for Lightroom 3. This is sure to get a lot of attention, as soon as we early adopters come up for air!!

At first glance, it appears Adobe has made some nice changes on both the importing and exporting side of the program. While some of us have learned to “do things the Lightroom way” when it comes to managing the import process, these changes are sure to help the people who struggle with Lightroom’s methods of copying, storing and organizing files on your hard drive. On the export side, look for a host of improvements for getting your images posted on the web, including an interface for Flickr (although there is some innuendo that developers for other services will be able to create connections to other popular sites as well, perhaps available as a plug-in).

Also on the output side, the ability to add watermarks is beefed up considerably, with support for opacity, something that was sorely lacking in previous versions. And, for those interested in creating multimedia presentations, you can now embed music in your slideshows.

There are too many new features to list here, so I’ll just send you over to The Lightroom Journal where you can read much more directly from Tom Hogarty himself. Also, head over to the NAPP website for the updated Lightroom Learning Center.

That’s it for now, I’m diving back in!!

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