Photoshop Blend Modes

If you’re using Photoshop, and aren’t familiar with the Blending Modes available for use within this powerful program, you are missing out! Blend modes can apply to layers, but can also be used in conjunction with various tools, layer effects and other parts of Photoshop.

I’ve been running through a series of tutorials on the Photoshop Blend Modes over on, and I encourage you to drop by to take a look at the possibilities that Blend Modes can bring to the creative party! Head over now to see what you’ve been missing:

My series on Photoshop Blend Modes:

Blend Mode Basics Part 1 – Screen Blending for Lightening
Blend Mode Basics Part 2 – Multiply Blending for Darkening
Blend Mode Basics Part 3 – Layer Styles and Blend Modes
Blend Mode Basics Part 4 – Overlay Blending for Contrast
Blend Modes Part 5 – Overlay Blending for Sharpening
Blend Modes Part 6 – Overlay Blending for Softening
Blend Modes Part 7 – Refining Masks with Overlay Blending
Blend Modes Part 8 – Image Alignment and Analysis with Difference Blending
Blend Modes Part 9 – Creative Difference Blending
Blend Modes Part 10 – Introducing Luminosity Sharpening
Blend Modes Part 11 – Luminosity Sharpening Three Ways
Blend Modes Part 12 – Creative Luminosity Techniques

While you’re there, be sure to check out the many other great tips and techniques offered by the other contributors to this excellent site!

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