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Gatorland Rookery Photos

This past Saturday, I had the opportunity to head to Gatorland in Orlando, Florida. Despite its kitschy premise and old-time Florida tourist feel, the attraction is home to a huge number of nesting birds, and […]

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Redhead Convention

I’m talking about ducks, that is – the Redhead is a relatively common, medium sized duck that winters in many parts of the US. Today, Carol and I were driving to the beach (that’s right, […]

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Cormorants – the fisherman’s companion

Mondays here at Hoffman Art Design are for the birds! And today, keeping with that theme, we are going to take a look at cormorants. As it happens, there are over 40 species of cormorants […]

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Black Skimmer: bemusing bird with a big bill

I just love Black Skimmers. Rarely does a bird fit its name as well as they do, and equally rarely to you find a bird at once silly and graceful, gaudy yet plain, striking yet […]

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A is for Anhinga – an amazing bird

As I’ve mentioned in the past, I love Avian Photography, and for many reasons. It allows me to combine my passion for photography and art with my interest in ornithology. It affords me the opportunity […]

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Avian Photography – It’s For The Birds!

I’ve been an amateur bird-watcher – or “ornithologist,” as we like to call ourselves when we feel a bit snooty – since I was in my teens. My original copy of Birds of North America […]

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