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Winter in Florida

When it’s winter in Florida, even the middle of December is a wonderful time to be out of doors. The rest of the country is dealing with the frigid fingers of the winter jet stream! […]

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The Magic Behind You

Sometimes when you’re shooting photos, they say, you need to turn around to see what’s behind you. Such was the case recently when I was watching a beautiful Florida sunset. I turned around by chance, […]

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Earth and Sun and Moon – The Photographer’s Ephemeris

I’ve always been enchanted by sunrises and sunsets, and I’m forever trying to capture the ultimate dramatic empyrean photo. In times gone by, this involved checking the almanac to find the appropriate schedule to catch […]

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Saturday evening, I had the chance to sneak away with my wife to the beach, for sunset – and it was a gorgeous sunset indeed. We shared a cold drink and waited for the magic […]

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