I see lines in my pictures!

Today’s post is all about lines. Straight lines, curved lines, jagged lines, criss-crossed lines, you name it. This morning I saw a ladder, and it got me to thinking about lines, and after that everywhere I looked, I followed the lines, and I encourage you to do the same. By recognizing the lines in a scene, you can take advantage of the opportunity to take a simple snapshot and make it into a great image.


Lines can be interesting or boring, and when they are plain horizontal or vertical, they can fatigue the viewer. When angled and especially when asymmetrical, they can really add depth and perspective to a photo. Consider the way the offset lines draw you right into these images:



Sometimes the lines can be curvy or wavy, but the effect remains – grab your attention and pull it into the scene:



Within nature, we find the same organic trend towards perspective and symmetry.


But, by breaking the symmetry, we impart greater tension, interest and impact with our images:



Take note of the lines in your photographs. Strive to break the symmetry, shoot to add perspective and draw the viewer in. Give it a try!

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