A few from the archives–Night in Manaus

Looking back through the photos in my library, I thought it would be cool to dredge up some old photos and post them here, perhaps with a few new edits with the latest software. This time, we’ll take a look at nighttime in Manaus.

Manaus is a city in Brazil, located in the middle of the Amazon rainforest. While it is a bustling city, with over two million people, there are no main highways connecting it anywhere, and nothing but wilderness for hundreds of miles in every direction. Nevertheless, it is a cultural and industrial marvel, having once been the capital of the rubber industry.

In city center is a stately old opera house, quite an architectural marvel:

Amazon Theater

Nearby, a statue commemorates some of the city’s historical ties with Asia:

Manaus Memorial

And, in the square surrounding the opera house, you can find outdoor food stalls, local vendors selling various wares and snacks, and even some street entertainment:

Night in Manaus

I especially like the last photo, given the lighting, and the old woman watching over the rail in the background. This was a fun place to visit!

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