We’ll have a Hot Time in the Old Town


After 4 days of Photoshop World, you’d think that would be enough – 96 hours of non-stop creative go, go, go… but no! A few die hard individuals stuck together, and stuck it out for another day of post-PSW activity. Leading the effort was well-known PSW personality and de facto security agent, Robert Vanelli (“V”), and his son Alec, accompanied by Jeff Tamagini, Michael Green and some of the FJ Westcott team, and several others, myself included. We started our Saturday morning with breakfast at the Rosen Centre hotel, where we talked about the things we had learned during the PSW conference, and the projects that might result from our inspiration.


Then, we headed over to Kissimmee, where we visited the Old Town attraction area. Old town is an eclectic and historic area with a plethora of shops, restaurants, bars, and rides, with a very nostalgic feel. We arrived early, as most places were just opening, and didn’t have to contend with many crowds as we worked our way through the area.


We strolled through the town, cameras at the ready; a gang of photographers spreading fear throughout the land. We even stopped midway through our stroll to have a lighting workshop!


I stuck around only until high noon, then had to make tracks for home. Those who stayed were treated to the weekly classic car show; I’m sure there were some nice photographs to be had there! But for me, that will have to wait until next time. I did get some more interesting photos, though:


Thanks to “V for pulling us all together! I hope this becomes a PSW tradition; I think it was an excellent way to wind up the week in a low pressure, fun and interesting way. It was great to hang out with “V” and his son Alec, a chip off the old block:


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