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Create A Clipping Mask in Photoshop

Creating a clipping mask in Photoshop will let you use the content of a layer as a mask to reveal a portion of a layer or layers above it. The bottom layer, or base layer, […]

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Lightroom Import – Multiple Processes?

When you start your import process with Lightroom, you may have noticed a progress bar. This appears in the upper left part of the window, near the Lightroom logo. It seems to be tracking the […]

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Adobe Acrobat Actions – Create Custom Helpers

Did you know that Acrobat XI has an Action Wizard? That’s right, if you look under the Tools Panel on the right, it has its own section. Here you’ll find several pre-made actions for automating […]

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Photoshop Pen Tool Mastery

Earlier this year, during some conversation on the excellent Photoshop and Lightroom Facebook Group, I proposed that one of my objectives for 2014 would be to create a good set of instructional videos for the […]

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Using Smart Previews in a Lightroom 5 Workflow

With Lightroom 5, previews got quite a bit smarter. Lightroom has always used previews, generated from the original library image, as a way to speed up navigation in the Library module. With a preview, the […]

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Creating and Editing Links in Acrobat XI

Acrobat XI is chock full of ways to enhance our PDFs to enrich the user experience for people who read our documents. One of the was we can create more engaging PDF documents is through […]

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Acrobat XI – Editing Text in PDFs

Occasionally, when you’re editing your PDFs, you’re going to run across a situation where you’ve made a lot of changes and enhancements and, when you’re nearing the final phase and you’re ready to send your […]

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Lightroom 5 – Locate Photos with missing Smart Previews

I’ve been using Smart Previews as part of my portable workflow since not long after they were introduced with Lightroom 5. With Smart Previews, I can take my catalog on the go without having to […]

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Understanding the Lightroom 5 Catalog

For newcomers to Lightroom, and even for those who may have been using Lightroom for a while, the concept of the catalog, together with your library of photos, can be an intimidating and confusing affair: […]

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Acrobat XI – Customize Toolbars and Task Panes

  Acrobat XI is a great addition to Adobe’s Creative Cloud product suite. The program is very powerful and versatile, but can be difficult to learn to use effectively and productively. However, the interface, in […]

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