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Typekit for All Creative Cloud Users

The Adobe Typekit font library has been a tremendous asset to anyone who subscribed to the full Creative Cloud. Typekit makes a wide range of inspiring fonts available to use across web, desktop and mobile […]

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Photoshop Photography Program – It’s back, again!

That’s right – it was extended, then extended again, and finally expired. Now, it has returned once again, like a Phoenix from the ashes. Adobe has brought the Photoshop Photography deal back again, with general […]

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Slow down time with a Neutral Density Filter

I’ve only recently begun to experience the fun of shooting with a 10-stop neutral density filter. When you’re photographing landscapes, there are always challenges to face: too much light, not enough light, subjects that move […]

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My Favorite Camera

As a photographer and as an instructor, I’m often asked, “Mike, what is your favorite camera?” My usual response, based on something I heard years ago, is “The one I have in my hand, because […]

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Photoshop CC Photography Program – Open to anyone! (Black Friday Sale)

The Photoshop Photography Program Recently, Adobe introduced its Photoshop Photography Program, a deal to get Photographers on board with the Creative Cloud at a reasonable price. The Photoshop Photography Program includes all of the following for […]

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Earth and Sun and Moon – The Photographer’s Ephemeris

I’ve always been enchanted by sunrises and sunsets, and I’m forever trying to capture the ultimate dramatic empyrean photo. In times gone by, this involved checking the almanac to find the appropriate schedule to catch […]

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Saturday evening, I had the chance to sneak away with my wife to the beach, for sunset – and it was a gorgeous sunset indeed. We shared a cold drink and waited for the magic […]

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Breaking the Rules

On a recent Tuesday evening, practicing with my local strobist Meetup group at Dave Cross’ excellent Studio 3, I had the opportunity to work with a beauty dish for the first time. I don’t have […]

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Mange tak, København!

Warm waffles on a cold day, perhaps with a little something sweet… One of the many treats that await as you walk through the historic city center of Copenhagen. I was privileged to be able […]

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