Software Security – An Important Consideration

These days, it seems like the software security updates keep rolling in faster and faster, as software manufacturers continue their efforts to stay one step ahead of the bad guys. And, the bad guys these days means organized crime! Yes, a breach in your system can open the door to credit card fraud, privacy violation, and even the complete “zombification” of your system to be used as part of a “botnet,” a network of slave computers ready to do their evil master’s bidding.

How does this happen? With today’s complex software, there are many opportunities for the designers to make mistakes, and the bad guys spend a lot of time and effort looking for ways to exploit the mistakes. Therefore, you have Windows, and Mac OS/X, being updated monthly or more with security patches – and you’re well advised to keep up to date.

But, it doesn’t stop there! Other software on your system – Adobe Flash Player, Acrobat, your browser (whether Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Opera, or any other) and many other programs including media players all have the potential to have vulnerabilities that can be attacked and exploited.

So, what’s a poor soul to do in the Wild West that is the internet these days? Keep up to date and educated, that’s what. You can never be too careful or too well informed. Here are some places to keep in your browser’s favorites list:

Windows Update

Apple Support Downloads

Adobe Product Security

And my favorite source for all things secure: Security Now!

Remember to keep those automatic updates turned on, and remain vigilant at all times!

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