Working with Smart Objects in Photoshop: a tutorial compilation

SmartObjIntro05_thumbFor more than a year, I’ve been contributing Photoshop and Lightroom tutorials to the excellent site Many of the tutorials I’ve created are in the form of a series, with progressively deeper topics exploring specific Photoshop features.

One of the series I’ve posted deals with Smart Objects in Photoshop – a feature that was added several versions back, and provides a tremendous amount of flexibility and power. Here is a summary of the Smart Object tutorials, I hope you’ll explore them and learn a little more about our favorite pixel pushing program:

Get to know Smart Objects; they will become an essential part of your tool box!

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  1. Thanks Mike hope to check these out soon ..thanks for sharing .

  2. Great stuff, Mike! Thanks for sharing….

  3. Hi Mike, None of the links work, Page not found comes up in Tip Squirrel page. Are you aware of this or am I missing something,

    1. Steve, thanks for pointing that out. We had a change recently at TipSquirrel, and also here on my blog, and I will have to update the links. I’ll post here and also drop you a note later today once I’ve updated them. Thanks again!


    2. I believe all the links have now been fixed. Do let me know if you spot anything else!!


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