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I travel quite a bit in my line of work, but today, I'm traveling with a different purpose: fun. I'm on vacation! I'm headed off to the mountains of Colorado for a week of skiing. I'm really looking forward to it, not only as a rest from the daily grind, but also as a chance to enjoy some exciting winter sports, to commune with Nature in a beautiful setting,and to recharge my creative batteries. Keep an eye out here for images and words to come over the next week!

My journey today takes me from my home in Saint Petersburg, FL, through Denver and onward to Gunnison, Colorado – where I'll catch a ride onward to Crested Butte, a ski resort I've never visited. The base elevation there is 9375' above sea level, so I'm sure I'll be feeling the effects of the altitude – I'll be drinking a lot of water to stay hydrated the first 24-48 hours.

In traveling to the airport today, I found myself excited but calm. In years gone by, heading out on a plane flight would be an adventure in itself – checking my flight arrangements, making sure I had my travel documents, packing, checking in and so forth. But, I do that so much anymore, the airport experience to me is now second nature. I found it odd today that I didn't have that travel apprehension that you might expect when heading out on a long journey. Instead, I'm just filled with that feeling of "Are we there yet? I wanna be there!" It's nice to be able to live in the moment for once and not have to worry about the distractions of the travel itself. That's a small reward of my life as a road warrior.

So, I find myself in my plane seat, en route to Denver as I write this. A week of excitement lies ahead, and by this time tomorrow, I plan to be "dancing with the mountain." Oh, and of course I've brought my good camera! I have some ideas for photographic experimentation this week, and I'll be sure to post some of the results here. Stay tuned.

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  1. Safe travels and have fun getting recharged! Will stayed tuned for some pics of your adventures… 🙂

  2. Gatorade…..LOTS of Gatorade. And…don’t break a leg. I already did that. Have fun!

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