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Placing Images in Photoshop

Starting with Photoshop CS6, and continuing with Photoshop CC, the behavior has changed for an image that is dragged and dropped into an existing Photoshop document. For example, with Bridge or Finder open in a […]

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Acrobat XI –The User Interface

If you’re a subscriber to the Adobe Creative Cloud, one of the programs available to you as part of your subscription is Acrobat XI. Most people think of Acrobat as “that program that makes PDFs,” […]

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Copy from multiple locations with Photoshop’s Clone Source Panel

The Clone Source panel (Window > Clone Source) has options for the Clone Stamp tools or Healing Brush tools. You can set up to five different sample sources and quickly select the one you need […]

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Photoshop 3D Basics – A Short Course

Over the past few months, I’ve put together some introductory lessons on using 3D in Photoshop. The tutorials start with Photoshop CS6, and I’m using Photoshop CC in later videos, but the same techniques apply […]

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Photoshop Quick Tip – The Note Tool

The Note tool is an often overlooked feature in Photoshop, but I find it to be quite useful for keeping track of work in progress, and for leaving hints and descriptions of what I did […]

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Warping Text in Photoshop

When you’re creating text in Photoshop, sometimes the best looking fonts still don’t get you where you want to go. Fortunately, there are a lot of text warping capabilities built right into the text engine […]

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Organize Your Lightroom Develop Presets with Folders

Lightroom comes with a variety of Develop Presets, and you can create many more on your own. However, the default location is for all your presets to be placed in the “User Presets” folder. Over […]

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3D Tutorial Compilation

Over on TipSquirrel, I’ve been publishing occasional tutorials on 3D in Photoshop, and I thought it was time to bring them all together into one handy index. I’ve been really excited about 3D in Photoshop […]

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Camera Raw Workflow Tips

Adobe Camera Raw misbehaving? I have answers… Embedded Link Camera Raw Workflow Tips | TipSquirrel In today’s video tip, you won’t learn how to create or apply cool develop settings to make your images look […]

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