More powder, and still more

We've really struck the powder jackpot here in Crested Butte. After the first two bluebird days of skiing on slightly crusty but well-groomed snow, we had a huge snowstorm, and the snow has continued daily since then. We had 11" as of Wednesday morning, another 5" by Thursday morning, and yet another 8" last night – and more still in the forecast!

This has made for some of the most excellent skiing conditions I've ever enjoyed, as well as occasionally some of the most challenging. For example, yesterday we went up on the mountain and it was so snowy and blowy, you could hardly see where you were going. But the day before, we had a bluebird powder day. go figure.

Yesterday, I had an adventure that may have me changing my name to something perhaps a little more indicative of my Polish ancestry – "Michael Oneski." Cruising down a powder trail in the driving snow, I took a tumble and lost one of my skis. I mean, really lost it. It took me over half an hour to find it in the deep powder, and I was almost ready to accept a ride down with the ski patrol, when finally I located it, under about a foot and a half of powder.

All's well that ends well! We're headed out shortly for our final day of skiing fun, and then tomorrow we journey homeward.

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  1. I would love to ski on snow like that! I just don’t like the pressed down icy stuff….this looks AWESOME!

  2. I bet it was a snow snake that pulled off that ski! Looks like some great skiing Michael. I’m glad you’ve had such a good trip!

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