Lightroom Import – Multiple Processes?

Lightroom Import ProcessesWhen you start your import process with Lightroom, you may have noticed a progress bar. This appears in the upper left part of the window, near the Lightroom logo. It seems to be tracking the progress of your import, but once the images have all been imported to your computer, one or more new progress bars appear.

What is Lightroom doing with all those processes? Many people have asked this question.

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More fun from the Dolphin Tour

Last week, I mentioned our trip aboard The Dolphin Explorer, and here are a couple more photos from that tour. We really did see a lot of dolphin, and the guides knew them all by name.  We stopped for some shelling on Keewaydin Island, and we had an entire beach to ourselves (well, the dozen or so of us on the boat. The beach was wonderful, and the shells were plentiful!






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Ospreys Three

For our summer vacation, we visited Marco Island, Florida, and during our stay, we were fortunate to enjoy The Dolphin Explorer – a “three hour tour” that was part eco-education, part dolphin-watching, and part just plain fun. During our cruise through the edge of Florida’s 10,000 Islands, I captured these three ospreys sitting in a nest atop a channel marker in the Intracoastal Waterway.


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The Magic Behind You

Sometimes when you’re shooting photos, they say, you need to turn around to see what’s behind you. Such was the case recently when I was watching a beautiful Florida sunset. I turned around by chance, and the sky to the east was illuminated by the setting sun – and it was magical.


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Typekit for All Creative Cloud Users

Typekit 125x125The Adobe Typekit font library has been a tremendous asset to anyone who subscribed to the full Creative Cloud. Typekit makes a wide range of inspiring fonts available to use across web, desktop and mobile applications, enabling you to use great typography in all your projects, easily.

Starting today, Adobe has announced that all individual Creative Cloud users at all plan levels, including free memberships, will be able to sync fonts to their desktop applications. Free and open source fonts are now available to use in any Adobe or third-party application on Windows and OS X — that’s over 130 fonts, including the entire Adobe Source collection, popular families from League of Movable Type, and more.

Regardless of your creative outlet – design, photography, artistry – you now have, as part of your Creative Cloud subscription, access to the full Typekit portfolio of fonts. The advantage of Creative Cloud just keeps getting better.

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Sunshine Skyway – Bridge to Inspiration

Here in Saint Petersburg, Florida, I’m privileged to live very close to the Sunshine Skyway bridge – a grandiose, modern style suspension bridge that links Pinellas County with Manatee County to the south, by spanning the mouth of Tampa Bay.

Sunshine Skyway 7

This awe inspiring bridge is considered the “flag bridge” of the state of Florida, and has been named by the Travel Channel as #3 on the list of the top ten bridges in the world (See this PDF document for a little bit of history and background). Continue reading »

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Gatorland Rookery Photos

Gatorland Rookery 01

This past Saturday, I had the opportunity to head to Gatorland in Orlando, Florida. Despite its kitschy premise and old-time Florida tourist feel, the attraction is home to a huge number of nesting birds, and the Gatorland rookery is a prolific and important breeding location for quite a number of Florida aquatic bird species.

This opens up a lot of possibilities for photography, but the last thing in the world you want is to be toting your camera gear in among thousands of noisy tourists. It isn’t the ideal situation for making great bird photos. However, the Gatorland rookery is open to photographers only, from January 30 through June 15, every Thursday through Sunday from 7:30am. All you need is to get the Photographer Pass and you’re good to go. Continue reading »

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Sync Photoshop Settings with Photoshop CC

Sync Photoshop Settings 05If you’re like me, and work on multiple computers – or even if you don’t, and just want to be able to migrate to a new computer or recover from a system crash, this is a Photoshop feature you’re going to love. Starting with Photoshop CC, you now have the ability to sync Photoshop settings to the cloud (Creative Cloud, that is). This allows you to copy settings between computers, whether it be from your desktop to your laptop, Windows to Mac, or to a fresh install on a new or recovered system.

Here’s how it works.

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Adobe Acrobat Actions – Create Custom Helpers

 Adobe Acrobat Actions
Did you know that Acrobat XI has an Action Wizard? That’s right, if you look under the Tools Panel on the right, it has its own section. Here you’ll find several pre-made actions for automating your workflow – but that’s not all. Acrobat XI allows you to create your own custom Adobe Acrobat actions, simply by choosing the steps you want to automate.

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Florida Springtime

Florida Springtime

Here in Florida, we don’t really get the four seasons in the way it comes to other parts of the world. But you know that Florida springtime is in the air when the birds begin raising their young. On a recent warm spring morning, this mother escorted her 9 ducklings out to forage for breakfast in the early light on Sawgrass Lake in Saint Petersburg.

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