Acrobat XI – Editing Text in PDFs

Occasionally, when you’re editing your PDFs, you’re going to run across a situation where you’ve made a lot of changes and enhancements and, when you’re nearing the final phase and you’re ready to send your […]

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Lightroom 5 – Locate Photos with missing Smart Previews

I’ve been using Smart Previews as part of my portable workflow since not long after they were introduced with Lightroom 5. With Smart Previews, I can take my catalog on the go without having to […]

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Using Photoshop to improve your iPhone Photos

The iPhone can be a really great camera, and, after all, it is the one you are most likely to have available at any given time. However, with a few Photoshop tricks, you can make […]

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A Faceless Shack

Who built this little shack, windowless and lonely, on the edge of the forgotten woods? For what purpose did its maker intend, in days gone by when the wood was new and the paint shiny […]

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Enhanced 3D Features in Photoshop CC

The recently announced January 2014 update to Photoshop CC includes a number of newly enhanced 3D features, not all of which have been widely announced. In digging into what’s new with Photoshop CC, the updates […]

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Understanding the Lightroom 5 Catalog

For newcomers to Lightroom, and even for those who may have been using Lightroom for a while, the concept of the catalog, together with your library of photos, can be an intimidating and confusing affair: […]

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Acrobat XI – Customize Toolbars and Task Panes

  Acrobat XI is a great addition to Adobe’s Creative Cloud product suite. The program is very powerful and versatile, but can be difficult to learn to use effectively and productively. However, the interface, in […]

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Lookout, Tower!

On a recent trip to one of my favorite local places, Fort Desoto, I had my camera – but the light and wildlife weren’t cooperating. Or so I thought. It was an overcast day, and […]

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Adobe Creative Cloud Major Update

Today, Adobe announced a major update for Creative Cloud members. Aimed especially at designers, this latest update to Creative Cloud will include new features for Adobe Photoshop® CC, Adobe Illustrator® CC, and Adobe InDesign® CC. […]

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Lightroom 5 – How to get started

If you’re a newcomer to Lightroom, you’ll want to jump in a start working with your images as quickly as possible. Where do you start? Terry White has some answers for you.

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